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Fraud Investigation

Internal fraud. In can ruin your company, and it can bring you sleepless nights. The feeling somebody is steeling from you, but not knowing who it is can bring you lots of stress, but it can also infect the quality of work of your other staff members. Interro Investigations wil investigate the backgrounds of any incident, and will bring you the truth. And peace of mind.



Your brand is valuable. Lots of time, effort and energy has been put in design, development and quality of your products and brand, as well in brand awareness. Criminals try to take benefit of your success by copying your product and bringing this to market with poor quality and low prices. Damages can be huge. Interro Investigations is specialized in anti-counterfeit investigations. Our well trained agents perform undercover operations, test purchases, surveillances etcetera, all in order to identify the infringers. Try us.

Pre-employment screening

Pre-employment screening

Hiring new employees is always a risk. In today’s competitive marketplace, many people are willing to be dishonest in order to obtain employment, with around one in five applicants lying on their CV. Employers need to be able to trust their employees; but how can they be certain that their trust is not misplaced? IntegriTool is an online screening tool, which helps you to to reduce the proportion of new employees that are likely to commit dishonest acts and exhibit counterproductive behaviour



Interro is founded by a former Law Enforcement professional in the Netherlands. Through the years, Interro has been obtaining a strong position in the market. We are proud to mention famous, world wide operating companies as our clients. 'Walking the extra mile' is what Interro is known for, professionalism, integrity and confidentiality are standard within Interro Investigations. Try us, you won't be disappointed.Based in Eindhoven, close to the airport, Interro services clients from all over Europe, as well as some respected U.S. based clients.

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